Core Values

We develop critical thinkers, confident leaders by focusing on three prime traits:



Asserting my unique identity



Believing good comes from bad



Knowing what is right

Confidence: asserting my unique identity. True confidence comes from being comfortable with who we are–a unique identity and special calling. AMLY’s education focuses on cognitive, social, and emotional learning objectives as the foundation of our academic experience. We develop students in three secondary traits to develop confidence: inner humility that overflows into purpose and extends to courage.

Hope: believing good comes from bad. True hope comes from understanding we have a good future in which we can build a better Libya. AMLY’s environment is intentionally built for a culture of thankfulness, positivity, and encouragement. We develop students in three secondary traits to develop hope: inner persistence that overflows into compassion and extends to service.

Wisdom: knowing what is right. True wisdom comes from both knowledge and application. AMLY’s emphasis on learning processes–not just content–forms life-long learning skills so students can think for themselves and lead others. We develop students in three secondary traits to develop wisdom: inner curiosity that overflows into connection and extends to discernment–applying truth carefully to daily decisions.

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