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We follow the U.S. Common Core standards and use a variety of resources to teach our students. For Pre-K and Kindergarten, we use Jolly Phonics, Libyan MInistry of Education’s Arabic and Islamic Curriculum. For 1st-5th grade, we use EngageNY and Mystery Science, alongside MInistry of Education’s Arabic and Islamic Curriculum. In 6th-10th grade, we use LifePlus and MInistry of Education’s Arabic and Islamic Curriculum. Additionally, for 11th grade, we supplement our resources with IXL for reading, writing, and math, and Raz-Kids for free books and the ability to advance in reading levels.

Yes, it is possible for your child to attend a university in the US or Libya. If your child is an AMLY graduate, they may have an advantage in gaining admission to a US or European university. Additionally, they should be able to apply to Tripoli University or an equivalent institution in Libya.

To ensure that our school meets U.S. standards, we work with Cognia, a California-based organization, during the accreditation process. This partnership helps us to maintain the quality of our school over time.

Our school works with some of the best educators in the country. Each suite is staffed with 3-4 Libyan teachers who have at least two years of experience and one foreign teacher. The foreign teacher is primarily responsible for teaching English Language Arts (ELA) and providing on-site training.

We currently have approximately 15 foreign staff members in various positions at our school this year.

Our school had a total of 200 students this year, with a small class size policy of 10-15 students per class. This policy promotes better student focus, which is essential for effective learning and academic success.

Google Chromebooks have been chosen as our primary device because of the vast resources available online, which help us creatively teach and engage with information. Additionally, using Chromebooks teaches children to be responsible on the internet and develop the skills necessary to be lifelong learners, but please be assured that we still value handwriting and paper-back books and include them in our curriculum.

We offer a range of extracurricular activities through our after-school program. Students can sign up for various clubs, including Tutoring and Homework Club, Arabic and Quran memorization Club, Sport Club (football, basketball, volleyball), Drama Club, Cooking Club, Chess & Board Game Club, Robotics Club, and Debate & Model UN Club.

These clubs provide students with opportunities to develop their skills and interests outside of the classroom. We believe that participation in extracurricular activities is an important part of a well-rounded education, and we encourage all of our students to get involved.

We guarantee that we will provide a healthy learning environment and care for your child as a whole person.

We also encourage our students to support and cheer on their peers, focusing monthly on different character traits and regularly emphasizing the importance of treating others well.

In addition, we promise to walk alongside your child to help them navigate difficult situations, such as conflicts with peers or differences of opinion.

Students can either bring their own lunch or purchase a meal for 16 LYD. We offer a set menu with different meals each day. Parents can add money to their child’s student account through our finance office, and students can use their Student ID badge to pay for their lunch each day.

We have a standard fee for every student at AMLY, including children of staff and board members. Each “seat” has a cost that we believe is worth the value. Investing in your child’s education is the best use of money, and we are proud to provide quality education that delivers long-term benefits.

The tuition fee covers your child’s Google Chromebook, digital resources, materials, internet access, etc. However, it does not include lunch or after-school programs.

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