Critical Thinkers,
Confident Leaders.

At AMLY School, we partner with parents to raise future leaders, built on confidence, hope, and wisdom.

Pre-K & Kindergarten

This is the first stage of formal education. We provide our students with the skills they will use throughout their lives through embedding Social-Emotional Learning and cognitive development.

Lower Elementary

Learning objectives are identified and met through the US Common Core Standards. Classroom size is no more than 15 students, staffed by a trained teacher as well as a foreign teacher.

Upper Elementary

This program refines what has been taught previously while greatly expanding basic skills. Students become more independent as they begin in-depth research and study for individual and group projects.

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Lighting the
Flame of Hope

As parents, we teach our kids right from wrong. We teach them to make good decisions. We want the very best for them, and do everything we can to provide it.

US Accredited Curriculum

For smooth transitions with American schools and universities. Achieve US Common Core standards with world-class materials, audited by our official accrediting partner. Plan for guaranteed acceptance into US universities, if desired.
What makes Amly different

Our Distinctives

Small Classes
Values-Based Programs
Parent Engagement
Inspiring Facility​

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School Events

Selective Program
AMLY Eagle Training

Exciting team building, great challenges, lots of laughter, and many experienced educators investing in our staff. 

July 24, 2022 - 9:00 pm
AMLY School